Is your team struggling to deliver projects?

  • Does your team need to improve planning and communication capabilities?
  • Is your process in need of an upgrade to improve project deliveries?
  • Are lack of collaboration and trust eroding your organizational efficiency?

To help organizations improve how their teams operate and how projects are managed, we have created the Team Standards program. The program has a multifaceted approach to address areas where teams commonly struggle. The program is designed to start your teams on the journey of improvement through incremental changes.

The 7balance Team Standards focus areas are described below along with the targeted outcomes for your teams.

Define Your Mission, Vision and Values

To clarify what matters to the organization and how it operates.
To align and unite teams behind a common mission and vision.

Success Factors in Project Planning and Execution

To define how to kick off a project.
To review best practices in creating, executing and closing a project.

Create Easy Steps to Improve Process

To quickly define common sense process improvements.
To let your team determine which process aspects to adjust.

Improve Communications

To understand costly communication barriers.
To identify tactics to minimize them.

Facilitate Trust in Teams and Leaders

To review the signs of distrust and how they impact teams and projects.
To discuss vectors of trust among teams and how to increase them.
To understand how trust in organizations & leaders impacts teams and ways to improve.

Manage Stress Proactively

We will review stress reduction techniques to help recharge everyone throughout the day.

Following the Workshop

During the workshop, your team will define an action plan for immediate implementation. Your team will receive templates and checklists for quick reference as they apply new practices in their day to day work.

Our Team Standards program will vary in duration depending on the size and needs of your team.  We can provide options starting with a 2 day intensive. The Team Standards will bring benefit to any organization and can be done without a prior assessment.

Email to start the discussion how to optimize your projects and teams.