We support teams to deliver successful projects while reducing costly dysfunctions.

How we work

Assessing Organizational Strength and Weakness

  • Our 7balance Culture Strength Index examines your organization in areas of leadership, strategy, communication, collaboration, effectiveness, engagement and process.  This provides a holistic overview of strengths and weakness; and allows us to target solutions that are individualized for your organization.

Providing Program, Project And Process Management Solutions

  • Working alongside your team to ramp up new projects and ensure a successful start.
  • Creating comprehensive Program Plans that ensure projects deliver with greater accuracy.
  • Driving Process Improvements is a key objective to support project and team performance.
  • Implementing change in a way that is manageable for all involved.
  • Identifying inefficiencies quickly and implementing changes to reduce waste permanently.

Improving Collaboration And Team Balance

  • Building Team Standards checks your team health and builds successful project teams.
  • Resolving cultural gaps and different sets of norms that cause frequent disconnects following M&A.
  • Delivering holistic improvements with De-Stress Options and Team Building Solutions.
  • Balancing at a deeper level with Mindfulness At Work and Energy Solutions.
  • Facilitation helps you get the most out of workshops and planning sessions.

Enhancing Communication And Trust

  • Working with teams to up-level communications to solve costly dysfunctions and improve project deliveries.
  • Clarifying how Trust matters in organizations for leaders and team members alike and improving this key value.
  • Working through different View Points or Options to be heard where there is a breakdown in communication.

Looking for a solution or training options not listed? Please let us know!  We cover a wide variety program needs and are constantly adding to our offering and will gladly develop solutions for you.

Email astrid@7balance.com to start the discussion how to optimize your projects and teams.