Organizational Culture Development

The 7balance Culture Strength Index (CSI) is at the core of our services.

Culture is consistently identified as one of the hallmarks to create organizational excellence.  Culture facilitates greater collaboration and engagement, which intern improves productivity and quality, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and greater ROI.

The 7balance CSI will examine your organization in the following areas:

  • Leadership & Culture
  • Strategy & Vision
  • Communication
  • Collaboration & Trust
  • Effectiveness & Empowerment
  • Engagement
  • Process & Structure

Our assessment is carefully designed to determine strength and weakness throughout your entire organization.

An in-person assessment will provide greater insights, facilitating better long term results.

In order to ensure the most accurate outcome, the assessment is done in person.  This allows for open dialog that will provide deeper insights into issues that need to be addressed.

Depending on the size and the makeup of the organization, it may be done in groups of varying size of participants or individually.

The Culture Strength Index with provide you with your unique CSI score and recommendations to address your organization’s needs holistically.

The assessment will result in an overall score, or Culture Strength Index for your organization as well as sub scores for the noted areas of organizational focus.

The Culture Strength Index will provide you with affirmation of your organizational strengths to help you reinforce the aspects that work well in your projects and teams.

Your CSI will detail areas of needed improvements along with targeted recommendations for left and right solutions to create holistic and lasting improvements.

Left brain solutions build and improve the logical and process oriented aspects of organizations. Right brain solutions target the creative and intuitive nuances in individuals and teams.

Email to start the discussion how to optimize your projects and teams.