Increase the Positive Energy in Your Office

With small changes you can increase the positive energy in your office to boost your team’s collaboration and performance.

increase positive energy in the workplace

Many office spaces are stuffed with junk of days gone past and suffer from dated, boring decor. This makes them all but inspiring and can be downright depressing. Not exactly a place for collaboration and creativity to soar.

Clean and Clear
We keep way to much unnecessary stuff in our office spaces. Old computers, paperwork and whatever else collects dust, makes our offices feel draining. This is because everything contains energy and therefore the old energy of junk still hangs around and creates unwanted side effects. Begin with a good clean up and recycling. Not only is it helpful to clear things so that the space is more open and visually attractive, but you will feel refreshed and inspired.

For an extra bonus, you may wish to conduct an energetic clearing, which is service offered by some alternative health practitioners. I personally know a CEO who swears by having offices cleared energetically regularly to maintain a positive environment that invites fresh thinking.

Invite Fresh Energy
Keep increasing the energy by adding some new color to the walls and don’t be afraid to go bold. Flowers and greenery are a wonderful addition to uplift the energy. Some unique and inspirational art pieces might be available from local artists that can serve to enhance the ambiance even more.

To take it a step further, you might like to explore Feng Shui, a tradition of harmonizing environments traditionally used in Asia to invite improved energy and resulting success. It is now enjoyed by a growing number of businesses in the west. Some basic tips can be found online. For a more in-depth assessment and adjustments, find a qualified practitioner to support you.

Recharge Frequently
It’s easy to have our personal energy drained during the day as meetings and email seem to take control. Take frequent breaks to recharge your batteries. Perhaps you can enjoy a cup of tea, a few minutes in the court yard or a mediation break? While it feels counterintuitive, there is growing evidence that we are more productive with more breaks.

Don’t keep this a secret. Invite your team to embrace these habits. Breaks will provide balance and productivity for everyone. As an easy start, why not block out calendars to ensure that everyone participates?

Be the Change
Keeping the energy high requires ongoing effort, so be sure to maintain your improved space and new habits. Along with harmonizing your environment, ensure that all interactions are increasingly positive. One of my favorite quotes by Mahatma Gandhi sums it up perfectly: Be the change you want to see in the world.


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