Creating Organizational Change Begins with Awareness

organizational change

As the year comes to a close, we tend to examine what we achieved and where we fell short of goals during the year. And naturally we start thinking about New Year’s resolutions.

When was the last time you examined your leadership performance and the positive impact that you made on your teams and projects?

Here are a few of my favorite questions for conscious leaders to foster personal growth and a strong company culture.

  • What positive changes have I created this year?
  • Do I give more than I take?
  • Does my organization give more than it takes?
  • Am I fully present when I am needed?
  • Do I manage through motivation or mandates?
  • Do I treat everyone fair and equal?
  • How do I celebrate my team?
  • How many bridges have I built to strengthen my organization?
  • Do I foster compassion or competition?
  • Do I connect with people on a personal level?
  • Am I trustworthy?
  • Do I treat others the way I want to be treated?
  • What is my listening vs. talking ratio?
  • Do I invite feedback and even criticism?
  • Is my communication truthful and authentic?
  • What 3 words would my team use to describe me?
  • How would I like to be described instead?
  • Do I embrace change and new ideas?
  • Do I tolerate bad behavior in others?
  • Do I support independent thinking?
  • Do I model the values that I would like my team to display?
  • What is the legacy I am creating?
  • What habits and beliefs do I need to change to be the leader my organization needs?

The power that creates organizational change begins with awareness.

What aspects did you realize that will create positive change in your organization for next week, next month or next year? Decide on 3 short term and long term goals, that you can start implementing today.

Don’t overthink it. Chances are, if you see a need for change, your team is already aware of this too. Here are some suggestions what those goals might look like:

Short term goals:

Talk with a different team member each week and listen with the intent to create positive change.
Put away the smart phone during meetings.
Observe if your reactions to all team members are equal.

Long term goals:

Hone your emotional intelligence skills to connect better with your team.
Increase the level of trust among teams and in leaders.
Create a culture of innovation and collaboration.

I invite you to explore these questions frequently and let the answers guide you to improvements for yourself and your organization.


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