The mission of 7balance™ is to correct costly organizational dysfunctions by bringing balance to all aspects of an organization.

Astrid Juerges

Astrid has extensive experience in program, project and quality management with geographically distributed teams. She has been persistently sought out to drive efforts of key strategic importance based on her track record of striking the right balance between delivering projects, developing collaboration and implementing improvements.

Having worked closely with many project teams, Astrid understands the reasons behind struggle and failure in projects and teams.

Out of the desire to bring more effective solutions to organizations she founded 7balance. Drawing on her broad experience, she designed the Culture Strength Index.


Culture is consistently identified as one of the hallmarks to create organizational excellence. Culture facilitates greater collaboration and engagement, which intern improves productivity and quality, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and greater ROI.

The 7balance Culture Strength Index to designed to diagnose cultural strength and weakness. The assessment will create a GPS to facilitate improved productivity, collaboration and engagement. 7balance offers left and right brain solutions which focus on optimizing projects and teams.

Email astrid@7balance.com to start the discussion how to optimize your projects and teams.